About Kingdom Ex

Kingdom Expansion is a ministry that focuses on expanding the Kingdom of God through Kingdom
teaching, Dance, Administration, Music, Audio, Media, Social networking and Marketing. At Kingdom
Expansion we believe in the local church. The goal is to take a local church and help enhance the
ministry in every way. Through apostolic alignment and Kingdom partnership we want to build a body of
believers that will not waver from the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As licensed minister and ordained apostles we are able to train, ordain, cover and send out ministries.

We are also equipt to help the church function as an apostolic ministry with the governmental body in

Welcome Kingdom EX Apostolic Kingdom minded believers we believe in training of apostolic people
and releasing them into their destiny.

Kingdom Expansion is a network ministry. We do not believe in covering people or ministries but we
believe in networking, connecting and alignment with people and ministries.

We whole heartedly believe in living a righteous life minus sin and perversion from the world and world

We believe as children of the most High God we do not have to do to the world of creativity but our
Father is the ultimate creator.

We believe in excellence no matter the number of members or the size of the building.

We believe in developing gifts and talents set in a ministry and sharpening the ministry in every area of

Apostolic Training Center

This is a one year coarse of apostolic training that will stretch you and help you better understand the
gifts and offices of the 5 fold ministry or ascension gifts.

Pastoral Mentorship

This program a member of the Kingdom Expansion staff will be in close contact with the pastor of a
ministry. They will visit call and have meetings with Pastor and staff to see when we can be a service to
the ministry.

Apostolic Alignment and Covenant

This is for the start up churches that does not have someone to align with or mentor them.

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